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Victim of Peripheral Neuropathy?

Patient Testimonials

Roseann Gillig 28 Jan 2020
Had a great visit today, feeling good about my treatment and moving on! Thank you Dr!

Roseann Gillig 15 Jan 2020
The video was very informative, and alarming all at the same time. Its all good don't get me wrong, I just want to find out more...I'm scared to death to be honest. But the presentation was GREAT! See you Monday!

Todd Kolar 26 Dec 2019
Dr. K is the best! I had a lower back injury and in short order Dr. K had me back to normal. No pressure to sign up for repeated adjustments and he answers any and all questions completely. Highly recommend Dr. K.

Anne Iverson 24 Dec 2019
Terrific first visit, and I will be going back for more treat me