Kretschmar Neurofeedback & Chiropractic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can such a gentle technique align my spine?
A: Instead of one big 100 lb. "crack", the PulStar delivers dozens to hundreds of 10 to 35 lb. impulses until the computer measures that the vertebra has moved. As such, there is no "cracking" noise, and the adjustment is very comfortable and easy to experience.

Q: How long has PulStar been around?
A: PulStar is FDA approved, heavily researched and has existed for over 16 years. Most doctors, however, do not invest in the substantial equipment costs and training time involved with PulStar, and continue to utilize traditional methods.

Q: How often do I have to come back? Do I have to keep coming back forever?
A: How often and how long you benefit from PulStar Chiropractic is always up to you. Patients in pain will experience relief faster if their treatments are initially daily or every other day. As soon as symptoms are gone, patients may stop care, but it's recommended to continue on for a while, less frequently, until their spinal scans demonstrate stability (adjustments "holding"). Research, and the clinical observations of myself and my fellow PulStar physicians has shown that PulStar treatments get very rapid results.

Patients do not need to "come back forever", although some patients choose to feel better and stay out of pain and symptoms with an optional Wellness or Maintenance schedule of once per month.

Q: How much is this going to cost?
A: I am an in-network Preferred Provider with almost all health plans, and am contracted to accept their fee schedules. We will submit to your insurance company and send you a bill for the amount that you are responsible for.  Uninsured patients are charged $50.00 for a basic adjustment, and may pay at the time of service to benefit from a 20% discount.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: At and Research papers are available on these web sites, and you can also call or e-mail us at 847-756-7503 or We are located within the Stone Hill Executive Offices, Fox River Grove, IL.  Offices are between Subway and Julie's Nails, upstairs.