About Dr. Kretschmar

Dr. Kretschmar has devoted his life to helping people. He has practiced for the last 25 years in Tampa Bay, Florida, and has recently moved back to his home town to be near family. He developed an extremely successful multi-specialty practice utilizing cutting-edge clinical methods like the PulStar, and by helping patients feel better very quickly. Patient surveys have consistently reported the comment, "Dr. K. really listens and truly cares."

A graduate of the prestigious National University of Health Sciences, "Dr. K." holds a Bachelors degree in Biology, the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree, and certificates in Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. Recently accepted into the Bioscience Regulatory Affairs Masters degree program at Johns Hopkins University, he is a life-long student.

Dr. K. is extremely excited to be working with Dr. Reilly, as the combination of chiropractic, nutrition, traditional medicine, and acupuncture is extremely powerful. "My practice philosophy has always been to get the patient relief and correction in the shortest time possible, and to treat people how I want to be treated."